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Helping entrepreneurs to put their stamp in the world in an expressive manner. 


Planning how to move here to there on the road to your goal.

Jenny Martiny Branding & Digital Marketing Coaching In Germany

I help Coaches & Experts

Build Personal Brands Fast

As an expert Brand Designer, I put the client in the center of all activities.
As an innovator, A creator of thinking frameworks.
As a brand manager, An alchemist who distils the essence from ideas and thoughts.

I play with giant industry key leaders:

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Are you ready to uncover your personal brand?

That enables you to take control of your future. To connect with your purpose and achieve personal & financial abundance.

Jenny Martiny Branding & Mindset.
Jenny Martiny Branding & Mindset.
Jenny Martiny Branding & Mindset.



Accelerate your results. You'll get expert training on how to scale your business with a

''Done for You'' action plan to get you scaling new heights in 100 days.

Germany's heroin helping international women in Business & life

Our Core Values

"I learn every day I practice what I teach. The proven experience turned into a code of ethics. That I kindly ask you to acknowledge."

  • Passion for people!

  • I am your partner, not a broker 

  • Integrity

  • Perseverance

  • Inspiration

  • Self-expression

  • Freedom

  • Daring

  • Autenticity

  • Transparency 

Our Method

International Female Community 

Free Rich Woman Find your support system


Expat ladies in Germany helping women to build abundance in business and life

FREE RICH WOMAN In Germany is a community and mastermind experience. The event looks to attract women from all nationalities with different backgrounds and different life experiences.

Find your people, create and monetize your personal brand, become the women you want to be & live a more connected life.


FREE RICH WOMAN Germany mastermind is a place of community and belonging where women support women. We use our individual connections and voices and help other women build their businesses. It is a #soulwoman #multicultural Zone to share our foreign journey, exchange languages diversity, and help your fellows' foreigners build each other up.

Jenny is a free spirited and joyful soul. Working with her help me get structure and a clear picture in what my brand looks like. She is a good listener and you can tell she knows what she is talking about. She picked me up at where I was at, and helped me from there. The strategic planning and working over the last weeks with Jenny made me realise I have much greater potential and more to offer than I thought was possible. Her cheerful and positive energy is contagious and you can NOT smile when working with her!


Serey Blume

Health Coach @sereyblume 

Meeting Jenny Martiny was a breakthrough for me. She has ever since been the best coach and great pal. She is so passionate about life, happy, strong, and full of positive energy. She will motivate you to shine and give you the exact support you need.

Her mastermind for women was always a place to reflect, transformed, and be more productive. She is someone you always want to have next to you if you want to take your life to the next level.


Ruth Adjaho

NLP Master Coach: www.icelandfest.is


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